Masters Program In Digital Marketing (MPDM)

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India’s Digital Marketing industry is surging ahead with unprecedented growth, but is lacking the necessary skill sets. This is where our digital marketing training programs comes in.Backed by industry-relevant curriculum, practical assignments and experienced trainers, Blueocean Learning training programs help marketing professionals to master digital and evolve into skilful brand managers.

The aim of digital marketing training programs is to produce skill-rich, industry-ready digital marketing champions. Through our holistic, industry-ready training, we’re committed to plug the skill gap dogging the digital marketing landscape in India.


This is the digital era and we live in a digitally connected world.

Today, digital is the norm for everything – from buying stuff to booking an appointment with the doctor to watching movies to banking and so much more. The digital consumer expects products and services to be specially served up to him on his smartphones and tablets. And businesses must inevitably oblige. As a result of this, business organizations are on the lookout for fresh, talented marketing ninjas who are specialists in digital marketing.

An excellent digital marketer is the one who possesses  a thorough understanding of how different digital mediums work, how different consumers utilize websites, mobile apps, social media channels, e-commerce portals, blogs and other digital assets of a brand, the know-how of the latest digital marketing technologies like online branding, analytics, marketing automation, mobile marketing, Online Marketing, E-mail marketing, content marketing and of course the all-important Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.

However, such professional digital marketers are hard to find. One of the universal challenges in the digital marketing world today is the meagre supply of specialist digital marketers compared to the mammoth demand for the same. Every brand, marketing agency and brand management house wants professional digital markers endowed with the latest digital marketing skill sets and up-to-date knowledge in large numbers. But, there are very few people who fit the bill. The reason being that marketing schools have not yet incorporated digital marketing in their curriculum, thereby leaving scores of marketing graduates utterly unskilled to enter one of the most sought-after professions.

This is where a professional course in digital marketing can prove in handy. Blueocean Learning offers one month, professional Diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing at its Bangalore centre. This specialized digital marketing course offered by Blueocean Learning is the best and only digital marketing course in India which imparts hands-on training in every single aspect of digital marketing – from understanding digital marketing to mastering Lead Generation, Content Marketing essentials, Mobile Marketing strategies, Social Media Marketing techniques, enhancing your SEO/SEM skills among several other topics.

Whether you are an professional executives aspiring to become a digital marketer, a marketing professional wanting to upgrade your marketing skills and knowledge or a student wanting to make a digital marketing your career, the Blueocean Learning’ Diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing equips you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to become an excellent digital marketing specialist and makes you industry ready in 50 hours.

Course Objective

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing from Blueocean Learningaims to help the participants

  1. Understand the core underlying principles of digital marketing and its importance to modern businesses.
  2. Learn the art and technique of crafting cutting-edge digital marketing strategies based on the latest trends and tactics.
  3. Master vast array of the newest digital marketing processes from SEO to Mobile Marketing to Analytics and more.
  4. Become an expert at leading and managing digital marketing campaigns for your organization and target audiences.
  5. Upgrade your skills, take your career to the next level

Course Benefits

After you’ve successfully completed the course, you’ll receive:

  1. A Certified Diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing establishing your authority as a skilled digital marketing pro.
  2. A chance to study an internationally relevant syllabus.
  3. Theoretical and practical knowledge on creating and implementing state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies directly from industry experts.
  4. Applied expertise in over 100+ topics of digital marketing from experienced trainers who are digital marketers themselves.
  5. A chance to grow your professional network by connecting fellow digital marketing professionals and experienced trainers from the industry.

Who should take this course?

  1. Marketing professionals who want to master the nitty-gritties of digital marketing.
  2. Sales Mangers to learn how to correctly use digital marketing initiatives to derive high brand marketing ROIs.
  3. Non-marketing professionals who would like to acquire a new, in-demand expertise.
  4. Small and medium business owners to learn how they can use digital marketing to leverage their business.
  5. Content Writers to understand why content is king in digital marketing; to transform into effective Content Marketers.
  6. SEO/ SEM specialists to optimize brands for digital marketing challenges.
  7. Brand managers to create and execute exceptional digital marketing roadmaps for their brands.
  8. PR and advertising professionals to master the art of digital brand reputation management.
  9. Social media account managers to learn how to craft engaging, viral social media campaigns across platforms.
  10. Job seekers looking to break into a field that is currently in demand offering several exciting career options, great pay and immense opportunities for growth.
  11. Website/ Mobile App developers and designers to obtain the current and future trends in website/mobile user interface and interactivity design.
  12. Anyone and everyone interested in digital marketing simply for the joy of it!


Module 1 : Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing processes
  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Driving traffic
  • Creating ways and means for effective engagement
  • Converting leads into customers and retaining them
  • Digital marketing performance measurement

Module 2 : Building Digital Marketing platforms (Websites)

  • Understanding the World Wide Web, digital technology and internet
  • Designing and developing websites
  • Advanced training: Web servers, web hosting, domain names, URLs, CMS, web pages, content creation, SEO

Module 3 : SEO

  • Basics Of SEO: search engine, SERP, keywords, traffic, keyword planner Ways and processes in On-page optimization Ways and processes Off-page optimization Using Local SEO for digital marketing Monitoring and measuring SEO efforts

Module 4: Google AdWords

  • Understanding inorganic search results
  • AdWords account and algorithms
  • Types of AdWords campaigns
  • AdWords campaign strategies
  • Ad keywords and bidding methods
  • Creating ad campaigns
  • CTR rates
  • Monitoring and measuring ad campaigns: conversion rates
  • Remarketing

Module 5: Google Analytics

  • Advanced training in using Google Analytics

Module 6: Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing

Module 7: Email Marketing

  • Understanding Email marketing
  • Bulk Emails and Opt-in Emails
  • Sign-up lists and auto responders
  • Email marketing softwares
  • Email testing
  • Monitoring and measuring Email marketing performance

Module 9 : Online Advertising

  • Types of online advertising: display, banner, rich media, pop up and pop under Different platforms of online advertising Uses of in-text, in-page, in-image, in-video ads Creating banner ads and other rich media ads
    Measuring online advertising performance

Module 10 : Lead Generation

  • The importance of lead generation for business
  • Developing lead generation strategies
  • Understanding lead funnel
  • Landing pages, thank you pages: what and how to create How to convert leads into sales

Module 11: Content Marketing

  • Understanding the essentials of content marketing
  • Types of digital marketing content and how to write them: blog posts, thought leadership articles, case studies, E-books, whitepapers, webinars, infographics, How-to guides etc.
  • Keyword usage and placement
  • Developing content that is search engine optimized and social media ready
  • How to promote individual pieces of content to increase traffic Repurposing content

Module 12 : Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing overview: 3 As of affiliate marketing
  • How Affiliate Marketing works: what it takes to be an affiliate marketer
  • How to use affiliate marketing for making money
  • Getting approved as an affiliate marketer
  • Top affiliate networks in the world

Module 13 : e-commerce marketing

  • Understanding e-commerce: learning how to use the internet for your business
  • SEO for e-commerce websites
  • Tips, tricks and techniques for effective e-commerce marketing
  • Developing an awesome strategy e-commerce business marketing
  • Leveraging social media for e-commerce marketing
  • Affiliate marketing in e-commerce

Module 14 : Learning about AdSense

  • Learning what AdSense is and how it works
  • Learning how to create an AdSense account and how to use it Placing ads in blogs

Module 15: Blogging

  • Understanding what a blog is Business benefits of a blog
  • How to create a blog
  • Writing content for the blogs: style and structure
  • Types of blog content: text post, video blog post, infographics,
  • Driving traffic through blogs
  • SEO for blogs
  • Promoting blogs
  • Managing blogs: comments, followers, social plug ins, RSS feeds etc

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes

You have 9 weeks 6 days remaining for the course

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