An expertise that compels augmentation in the digital era.

In this fast-paced technology-centric era, being ahead ensures a competitive edge to businesses and individuals, across all platforms. However, even keeping pace with the ever-changing technology space is a daunting task. Finding the right partner to bridge the gap is the one concern looming large over any aspirant in this space.


Who are we?

We, Zenaura Technologies, an IT consulting, Solutions and Services organization. Based out of Bangalore we have been in the heart of the best training industry for the last 2 decades with a bandwidth to train corporate bodies and individuals alike in all niche technologies like Block Chain, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing and the likes. We believe in building a learning partnership that brings incessant advancements to you and your organization. We train organizations of all sizes from SME’s to Global Corporations. Name a brand and we would surely have someone who has trained there with us.


What sets us apart?

We, Zenaura Technologies, the industry’s bespoke niche skills experts are a division of Zenaura Technologies and have the reputation of being preferred partners to both individuals and organizations alike. The right mix of experience and green flair has always been the key differentiator.  As an Enterprise Training organization, we constantly churn industry-ready professionals in the Individual Training space with ease.


Our Approach?

The most effective training path today is a perfect blend of hands-on training methodologies along with the conventional classroom training.

Our flexibility and scalability are the 2 most salient attributes that have helped us carve a niche in the Technology training space spanning over 2 decades.

With Enterprise training being our core competency our approach to the training itself is based on relevant, current industry recommendations, supported by a vibrant team of training resources with pertinent Industry Experience supplemented with an exponential zeal to train.


Job Market’s Impact on Technology Training

Training in the technology space has seen a huge disruption, constant updating skill sets have become imperative for technocrats to retain their jobs. With the current economic slump, companies have been forced to downsize their teams or hire fresh talent to keep their competencies up to date.

In an unstable market, it is crucial that constant upgrading of skills becomes the order of the day.

The current advancements in technology have seen a dramatic surge in the use of tech-based tools which are quickly changing the existing facade of businesses. This has thrown open a plethora of opportunities for those with technical skills that are current.


What do we offer?

Best Training by I.T Industry Experts.

As Industry leaders, we completely equip you for the future in technology advancements. Our distinctive associations with industry leaders have enabled us to build a strong training base over 20 years.  This facilitates our ability to fortify your skills in niche technology areas with ease, with dynamic bespoke course content built on extensive research and development, maximizing your business performance as an individual or an enterprise.


We ensure that your best training is relevant to your workplace.

The significance of your training is that what you learn will sure make a difference in your workplace. Our training experts have real-time experience, so they know just how to make your course pertinent to your work. We also implant your skills with the precise knowledge, assignments, and techniques before and after your training.

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